#10yearsofwow (A friend in need)

sometimes in games you make really good friends, The people you like to talk to across age and gender. World of Warcraft is like a world filled with real living people.which most tend to forget that its a person behind every character.  A few years back I got to know this guy,he was funny, nice and joking alot.I coud sense there was more behind the monkey business,so I talked to him got deeper,and found he was depresssed and miserable.with no-one to talk to he'd spent last decade alone in his room mostly,and didn't dare go out even. I tried my best to help him.since he refused tell his shrink or parents.I had similar history myself so tried my best to cheer him up.

He logged on one day all happy and chatting greeting all of us.then whispered me.I was stunned.he had come to conclusion life was over now,and just wanted log on to tell me I had been a really good friend and I deserved that much.then thanked me for listening to him.and said when he went off now he was going to end it.so I freaked out for a few seconds and this was before real ID,so I had no idea about who or where he was so I tried keep him chatting asking him if I coud call his shrink for him.he told me you can't help me you don't even know where or who I am,then it dawned on me no I didnt.but I knew who did! Blabbering away at the same time I found Blizzard's number and got through to  technical support.I didn't really care what department I got through to,and told them on the phone go on my character's chat and read the log and take contact with the police if you find it necessary. Meanwhile I sat there typing away to make him stay online.he was so happy and cheery big lols to a funny story I tried to tell him to keep him on a bit longer, after what felt like hours his doorbell rang he said be right back someone at the door. He just disapeared and disconnected.I was so worried hoping he woud come back on which he did 4 weeks later. When he logged on the first thing he did was whisper me YOU BITCH..it was you!.You sent the police to me with a shrink,I was so shitty scared when I opened the door.I've been locked up! They now know everything thank you so much you saved my life.but you're still a bitch scaring me so much.but thanks you're one of those who really cares.

He finally got help and coud talk to his shrink.and I still see him online at times but his gaming time is now over.he's gotten back into the game we all have to play, real life and he's finally able to enjoy it and get out of his room no longer needed to be alone. :) 


Published Nov. 9th 2014

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