Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Glitch Makes Characters Massive

Hilarious Super Smash Bros for 3DS glitch makes Yoshi too large for your screen.

Glitches in a game can fall along a very wide spectrum. They can be trivial, game breaking, or just down right hilarious. I

t seems that players of Super Smash Bros. have discovered a glitch in the 3DS version of the game that is harmlessly fun. Somehow through luck, engineering, or pure magic, players have discovered a way to make characters grow to an unlimited size. In the example video above, Yoshi becomes so big that he can no longer fit on the screen and falls to his death. 

This bug is only cosmetic, and isn't too game breaking due to it's rarity. It can only be done in Multi Man Smash, so you don't have to worry about someone forcing you out of a match online or in ranked. Until this is patched, it will be a fun way to trick your friends into thinking you have unlocked a new mode with giant Yoshi's and who wouldn't want that?

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Published Sep. 30th 2014
  • BackEndStar
    I would LOVE a mode where you can have Giant Yoshi's (maybe even make them grow as well like the glitch :3).

    Make it happen Nintendo. Next Smash Bros, Smash Bros Wii U or the upcoming Yoshi game.

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