Diep.io guide - Pew pew your way to the top with these tips

Being a good tank isn't all fun and games, you know! It's also pew pew.

Diep.io is ever-growing and more people are playing than ever now that the game has a few new classes--with the new Necromancer class being released just today.

Unlike Agar.io and Slither.io, Diep.io has some RPG elements that can cause confusion for new players. Not only do you get stat points as you level, but you also get to change classes as you progress, which is a far cry from the bare bones progression seen in the other two games.

So what is there to know about the game? Not a ton aside from the classes, what the stats do, and general strategic tips to stay alive. And I do have a few of those for you! 

Take these tips as some friendly advice, from one player who started when the game was brand new and only had about 20 people on it, to you.

Know what stats and class combination you want when you get started

You know what's just as bad as a tank with bad stats for its class? A tank with stats that barely do it justice. Know what you want to do when you start so you can use your stat points well.

I personally recommend Reload first and foremost for any class except those going for Necromancer, because of the increased rate of fire and movement effects Reload has -- but in the end it's up to you. Just have a stat plan when you start to avoid building a tank that doesn't really do anything well at all.

Avoid other players until you're at least level 30

It's tempting to want to go in and whomp on other players, but unless you've got at least a couple points in Maximum Health it's probably best to avoid them until your second class change.

Since the leaderboards are score-based larger players aren't all going to go after low level players, but some do and it's best to stay safe until you have two class changes and invested all those stat points you accumulate while leveling.

Reload is usually your most important stat

Everyone pumps at least a few points into Reload, but did you know it's the most important stat in the game for nearly every class sans Necromancer?

Reload not only affects how fast you shoot with most classes, but also how fast you can go when running away. Your weapon recoil affects your speed -- for instance most classes will go slower when firing forward, but faster when firing backward. You can see how Reload affects your speed with any class, and it has a huge effect.

Overlord/Overseer players may not feel like they need Reload because it doesn't make them shoot faster (and by proxy does not make them go faster) but it does make their minions respawn faster. It's essentially useless for Necromancers since they get their minions by destroying squares.

Clusters of blue hexagons are dangerous but lucrative

Blue hexagons are the biggest source of EXP you can get aside from killing a higher level player, especially the massive ones. But clusters of several blue hexagons are protected by aggressive pink triangles, which are a huge pain to deal with if you're already having to dodge other players' bullets.

The EXP is generally worth it to stick around blue hexagon clusters, but if there are a lot of other players in the area, it's best to find your farm elsewhere and hope you come across some stray hexagons among squares and triangles.

The numbers under a player's name is their current score

This is pretty obvious, but it's worth a mention. In addition, your score goes up not only by killing other players but also farming. Each shape you can destroy nets you additional score, meaning it is definitely possible to get up onto the leaderboard just by farming.

You get your first class change at 15, second at 30, and in some cases another powerful one at 45

Getting to level 15 is easy enough, but it can be hard to get to level 30 when the map is bustling, even moreso to get to level 45. Choose your stats according to the classes you want to go, otherwise you could reach max level and find your build to kind of suck.

What stats do

Here's a rundown of each stat if you're confused about what their exact effects are:

  • Health Regen - Increases the rate at which you regenerate health, generally a must-have if you invest in Maximum Health
  • Maximum Health - Increases your max health, you generally want to get some points in Health Regen too if you're not going with a glass cannon build
  • Body Damage - Increases the amount of damage you do to obstacles and other players when you ram into them. A hard stat to work with because you need to be careful with your class choices and also invest points in Health Regen, Maximum Health, and Movement Speed to be remotely effective
  • Bullet Speed - Affects how quickly your bullets move. This also applies to Overseer/Overlord and Necromancer, and it's generally a good idea to invest at least a few points into it with any class
  • Bullet Penetration - The underdog stat that is absolutely amazing, Bullet Penetration makes your bullets be able to go through not only more obstacles at once, but also through other players' bullets. Surprisingly strong and always worth putting points into
  • Bullet Damage - Does exactly what it sounds like. Gimmick builds like Movement Speed Twin Flank might not need any of it, but in general you want at least a few points here
  • Reload - Increases your rate of fire, which is very important for every class except Necromancer. Affects how quickly you move as well, as your weapon's recoil pushes you in the opposite direction you fire except for some classes
  • Movement Speed - Increases your movement speed. Some players swear by Movement Speed, others hate it or only get a few points. It's up to you, but the faster you move the faster you can dodge and the easier you can chase down other players

These tips are by no means the end-all-be-all, but they'll get you started on the right foot. Diep.io is tough--really tough--and you need all the help and advice you can get early on to get better at the game and decimate other players regularly.

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Published Jul. 26th 2017

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