MtG: 15 Best Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Cards for Limited

Flame Spill

Flame Spill is another exciting removal spell for Limited that can help you win games by sending excess damage to your opponent's face.

Quite often you will find yourself in a situation where your opponent has one or two points of life left, and you just can't deal them because of the wall of blockers. This problem is now easily solved with the help of Flame Spill.

You can use it specifically to finish your opponent when you need that extra point or two of damage by attacking with all your creatures and being blocked. Identify a blocker that received the most damage, and then remove it using Flame Spill and sending that extra damage to an opponent's face.

That's not such a rare scenario, and any scenario that wins you games is a good one.

Published Apr. 14th 2020

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