10 Best World Of Warcraft Addons For Warlords of Draenor

With everything from combat to inventory covered, these 10 handy addons will effectively grant Warlords of Draenor players to navigate through the expansion quickly and effectively.

Although World of Warcraft has been around since 2004, with every expansion comes a brand new spectrum of players, and Warlords of Draenor is no exception. 

It's safe to say that this MMORPG giant has enough nooks and crannies to explore without adding any extra knowledge; new players would be surprised how much easier addons will make his/her Warlords of Draenor experience.

With everything from combat to inventory covered, these handy installments will effectively enhance the majority of players' ability to navigate through the game quickly and effectively.

1. Deadly Boss Mods 

Combat, PvP, Boss Encounters

Veterans of World of Warcraft will be familiar with the age-old addon- Deadly Boss Mods. 

With over 85,000,000 downloads, DBM will aid players in any type of combat by displaying timers and warnings of various bosses' spells and abilities. 

By installing DBM, players will have the upper hand in miscellaneous combat encounters, devising which spells to use in each situation, which cooldowns you have time to blow, and which onslaught your opponent will be throwing at you next. 

Not only will Deadly Boss Mods assist you in boss fights, a new PvP element is being implemented to aid valiant fighters against their opposing faction. 

2. Recount


Another fan favorite, adding Recount to your list of addons will not be a regrettable choice.

Whether you are a Tank, DPS, or even a Healer, Recount is a priceless tool for most dungeons and raids. 

Pictured above, Recount will compile all data in any fight, listing which players are doing the most damage or healing. This easily allows Tanks to keep track of their threat output, DPS to examine exactly who is the most important member of the team, and Healers to understand which character impacted the fight the most.

With many additional features such as damage comparison, step-by-step combat messages, attack summaries and more, Recount should definitely be considered on your list of downloadable content. 

3. _NPCScan and _NPCScan.Overlay 

Plugins, Achievements, Map & Minimap

For players who are more interested in the rare achievements and item drops than faster clear times, these addons are for you.

Detailing which rare mobs are in your area and what exactly these rare trash mobs can do for you, NPCScan is the ultimate addon for players who are after all of the extra treasures in the game without putting in much effort. 

Alerts will pop up when one of these rare mobs are near, leaving you to decide whether or not facing them is worth their treasure. 

NPCScan Overlay is another addon that, in addition to alerting you of nearby mobs, will add a map overlay to increase ease of access. 

The Overlay will even detail exactly where the mob will spawn, and will even present you with their patrol path for an even easier rare-item-collecting adventure.

Another new feature recently implemented is a search option, letting users hunt for particular items and mobs instead of wandering around until you find them.

4. Auctioneer 

Mail, Tooltip, Bags/Inventory, Professions, Auction/Economy

Although this addon will be every Auction House guru's dream, it's also an arguable necessity for almost every World of Warcraft player. 

This modification allows players to easily compare in-depth item information, such as comparing prices, which quests the items are used for, and even the required materials for recipes and professions. 

For players who like the idea of Auctioneer without all of the extra bells and whistles, there is a smaller, more lightweight version available here.

5. ArkInventory 


As simple as it is helpful, ArkInventory allows players to view items from all of your characters in one, easily accessible location. 

Your inventory will now display each character's name, their faction, and what server they're on, while also allowing you to sift through each of their inventories with incomparable ease. 

Not only is every one of your inventory's now in one place, but there is also a search bar at the top that allows players to find a specific item.

6. MikScrollingBattleText 


As you probably have guessed, MikScrollingBattleText is indeed an addon that implements combat text in a new, innovative way.

Designed to be as simple and lightweight as possible, MikScrollingBattleText is highly customizable, leaving the power in the hands of the player to make every combat experience more efficient and easier to see. 

With multiple scrolling text boxes, combat information is easily organized into damage, healing, notifications, and essentially however you'd like your combat experience to look like. 

Replacing Blizzard's stock floating combat text, MikScrollingBattleText could make the difference between successful combat and a few calculations from defeat. 

7. OmniCC 

Actions Bars, Combat

As simple as it is necessary, OmniCC is plainly an addon used solely to add a countdown timer to literally everything you can imagine a cooldown for.

Whether it be your trinkets, spells, abilities, items, or virtually anything, OmniCC adds a countdown timer for all players to easily know when abilities will be available. 

This is almost mandatory if you plan to take PvP or PvE seriously, considering knowing exactly when each part of your rotation will be up is crucial to any player's damage or heals. 

8. Titan Panel 

Plugins and UI

Close your eyes and imagine a toolbar with everything you could ever want to keep track of. Ladies and Gentlemen, Titan Panel. 

Whether your tracking gold, reputation, constantly checking your experience bar, or tracking your coordinates for a particular quest, Titan Panel gives you the freedom to have a toolbar (or two) at the top and/or bottom of your screen with virtually anything you could possibly want to keep track of.

9. X-Perl UnitFrames 

Raid Frames/Unit Frames

For those interested in maximum customization, X-Perl has everything necessary to reduce clutter and make your user interface all your own. 

With unique frames replacing the standard party, target, pet, and more, all of the modifications will be yours. 

Along with the ability to reshape your UI to your liking, X-Perl also grants the ability to see the target of your target. Both PvP and PvE combat will benefit greatly by this feature, giving you a unique edge on your opponent in arena and also the ability to keep track of a boss's aggro. 


User Interface

 An enhancement of Tukui, ElvUI is a new and improved user interface available for those who enjoy simplicity, but also would rather not sacrifice an elaborate, customizable UI.

ElvUI requires less memory and CPU than its predecessor, Tukiui, but it's also significantly easier to navigate. Not only is this clean, minimalistic UI one of the most favored UI's currently, but there are countless addons available both on curse and tukui.org.

Improve Your Experience With Great Addons

Although there are many exciting features to explore with World of Warcraft's newest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, some addons will create an even better environment to explore in. 

Not only will these additions make exploring and advancing even easier, your game is sure to be tailored specifically to you, creating an exclusive environment all your own. 

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Published Jun. 9th 2020
  • Jim_6108
    Lol wtf!!!! Where did you find tha picture at Omnicc addon..... So dam outdated Thrown weapon with arrows!!!! God that brings back memmories :P
  • Soul_8537
    really a bad list, seems u dont have a clue of what u talking here...
  • Adriano_1263
    OmniCC is obsolete now that blizz have included their own CD counter.

    Bigwigs can replace DBM (i find it lighter and cleaner)

    Skada is equal or maybe better than recount

    Anyway, there's nothing new in this list, it's the same things you'll find anywhere.
  • Psy_1010
    Elv UI, Skada (better than recount), Npc scan and Deadly boss mods. That's all you need.

    However check out AdibuttonAuras, Master Plan and Handy Notes +draenor pack. Truly awesome additions.
  • Yup_5581
    Until Titan Panel gets updated, and all the plug-ins, it is basically broken for WoD.
  • Matt_9399
    Many of these aren't working with the WoD beta. >:(
  • JJ_5547
    great list if all of them were WoD beta addons some of them are not.

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