8 Games We Want to Experience in Augmented Reality (AR)


Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! had kids fighting over the best trading card game throughout the early aughts. And while Pokemon is undoubtedly the powerhouse -- in fact, it was perhaps the most successful AR game to ever exist in the form of Pokemon Go -- Yu-Gi-Oh! is no slouch and has proved it has staying power after a decade of prominence in the TCG and animated spin-off scene.

Interestingly, Yu-Gi-Oh! always seemed to be a more natural fit for AR since it was actually how the game's TV show adaption portrayed its beasts coming to life. Wherein they would have full on battle arenas that two duelists would compete on with a deck of cards rounded out with cards that would come to life thanks to holograms. But is AR really all that different?

Sadly, Konami has not done anything involving AR. They have brought games to the mobile market, and even boast a popular Yu-Gi-Oh! title in Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links, but they've ignored the possibility of a full-on Yu-Gi-Oh! experience. There is hope that one day this franchise will get an AR title, though. While it might be unofficial, some people have already started working on an AR Yu-Gi-Oh! title, like MicrowaveSam.

Published Jan. 30th 2018

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