Top Video Games for Android Devices

The Android Quality Index for December 2013 contains a few top video games with adventure and requiring strategy to win. Check out this list of the top five video games that made the grade.

Sports video game junkies will be disappointed that no titles representing the sport they love made’s Android Quality Index for December 2013. is a commercial entity that collects reviews by noted Android game reviewers from around the Internet and then uses algorithms to compute single scores for each video game. The Android Quality Index compiles over 200,000 reviews of top video games and apps for Android devices, like Pocket Gamer, IGN and Life of Android.

There are a few adventure titles and strategy video games on this list of top video games for Android devices. A couple of surprises, but overall the top video games they list were as expected. Below we list the first five top video games on the December 2013 Andoid Quality Index. These are the Android video games hard core gamers around the world play every day for an interactive entertainment fix.

Fiz: The Brewery Management Game is first on the December 2013 Android Quality Index. This cute and fizzy video game challenges gamers to build a brewery business and take it to the top. Thousands of video game junkies love this fun and entertaining title, check it out and get busy brewing some suds.

Island of the Lizard King sits in second place. Gamers who love the popular and fun Fighting Fantasy gamebook series can relive the adventures on Fire Island playing on Android devices. This fighting video game is just the thing to keep boredom away and turn a night with friends into an unforgettable party.

Pretentious Game, by publisher Bulkypix, is third. This simple, yet cool platform video game takes video gamers on an adventure about a blue cube who falls in love with a pink cube. Unable to stay away from its love, the blue cube finds neat and fun ways to make it to the pink cube. Check out this entertaining platform video game, you won’t be disappointed.

Sitting in fourth place on the December 2013 Android Quality Index is Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs. In this cute, yet challenging game you play a character charged with treason against the empire, and must decide whether to die a slow and agonizing death, or serve the empire as a Gun Dog. Get ready to decide your fate playing Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs.

Do you love the old Donkey Kong video game we use to play in the arcade? Now you can once again swing from the jungle treetops and ride through caves playing the fourth video game on the list of top video games for Android devices, Banana Kong by publisher FDG Entertainment. Time to run, jump, bounce and swing on vines as you dodge bananas and fly over dangerous obstacles unlocking extras and finding secret areas to play in.

We all dream of being a pirate roaming the beautiful seas and oceans. Pirates! Showdown Premium rests fifth on the December 2013 Android Quality Index. This top video game is a fast-paced adventure game combining elements found in RTS strategy video games, with a few unusual defensive moves. Highly addictive and wickedly entertaining, Pirates! Showdown Premium is easy to play and a must have video game for adventure junkies.

That’s it for the first five top video games on the December 2013 Android Quality Index, so make sure to check these titles out on the December 2013 Android Quality Index. Playing any of these top video games on your Android device is an adventure you need to try.


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Published Jan. 14th 2014

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