The six best free slots mobile games (that don't require any real money!)

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Red Diamonds Slots

Created by app developer See Sharp Guys, Red Diamonds Slots will immediately bring to mind classic addicting games like Bejeweled with its big, colorful slots.

Starting out with a basic machine that just uses numbers and playing card icons, newer and more impressive machines are available to be unlocked as you level up – giving a sense of progression and a reason to keep playing beyond just spinning over and over.

In a fun twist, you can randomly earn bonus picks if multiple chests land on the screen, giving the possibility to win a spin even if you lost. Free bonus spins that don't require betting any money are also up for grabs if you're lucky enough to get three or more diamonds at a time. Grab it through the Windows app store here and get to spinning!

Published Jan. 4th 2016

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