The six best free slots mobile games (that don't require any real money!)

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Zombie Casino Slots

Wait.. zombie slots?!? Yep, and it's actually really fun. This one shakes up what you think of as a casino game, replacing the 7s, bars, and diamonds with such horror staples as Molotov cocktails, rotting corpses, bloody axes, and damsels in distress. It's all backed up by an appropriately horror movie themed soundtrack that's worth the price of admission alone.

Rather than earning free spins by getting diamonds, Zombie Casino Slots instead lets you play carnival style mini-games when you earn bonus chests. In between spins you'll do everything from the classic coin drop game to picking tarot cards.

If you win long enough, eventually you'll graduate from zombies and unlock vampire and succubus-themed slots machines. This Slots Star title is up for grabs right here.

If you dig this style but prefer something more along the lines of Gothic, candlelit romance with poisoned goblets and well-endowed ladies in corsets, be sure to check out Best Ghost Stories Slots instead.

Published Jan. 4th 2016

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