The six best free slots mobile games (that don't require any real money!)

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Pot Head Slots

Turns out not everyone wants a stiff drink in hand while spinning the slots, as some prefer a more "herbal" solution to unwind while playing the machines. For you folks, there's the tongue-in-cheek Pot Head Slots!

You might think this game from ONCRStudios is just a gimmick meant to cash in on a certain crowd, but it's actually a legitimately fun slots title, although it is a little more ad-heavy than the other games on this list.

Featuring a Rastafarian pirate mascot, Pot Head Slots has you spinning in hopes of getting rows of laced cookies, big ol' doobies, “water pipes,” smoking toucans, and even more amusing paraphernalia for the glassy-eyed slots player.

Published Jan. 4th 2016

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