Nintendo Switch May Not Be Able to Handle Current-Gen Ports, Maybe?

The Nintendo Switch seems like a really handy console/handheld hybrid, but it might have some porting troubles.

It would not be an understatement to say that Nintendo's future console, the Nintendo Switch, has gained gamers' attention and anticipation throughout 2016.

We enter 2017 with greater anticipation as Nintendo has planned a special event rightfully named The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. With the presentation in less than two weeks, speculations and predictions can be found in online forums like wild fire. Specifically, a rumor from former Ubisoft guys about the Switch that gamers have predicted and dreaded ever since it's announcement; it's probably not strong enough to handle current-gen ports.

Sebastian Aaltonen, former senior rendering lead for Ubisoft, shared on Beyond3D forum some news about Switch's processing speed:

"Switch certainly fares well against last gen consoles. Too bad last gen consoles already got their last big AAA releases years ago. Xbox One is a significantly faster hardware. Straightforward code port is not possible. Content also needs to be simplified."

Basically, this means that any developer aiming to port their current-gen games to Switch will have to go back and rework all of the game's codes. And even then, there's still no guarantee that the game will play better or if gamers are gonna like it more. However, there's no mention on how this will affect developers, indie or big names, intending to develop a Switch exclusive game.

Many third-party developers have announced their support for Nintendo Switch, including Ubisoft. And, while this may not sound good for people who want to play with power behind the boot, power has never been Nintendo's strong side. Their consoles always have a gimmick that stays long in gamers' mind, for good or bad.

We will know more about Nintendo Switch's specifications, and other details, during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, which will be held in Tokyo on January 13.


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Published Jan. 2nd 2017

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