Dreadnought: The New Upcoming Free-to-Play Aerial Armada Action Game For PC

If you ever wanted to be in command of your own massive warship or just a small frigate, then this is the game for you!

Have you ever wanted to pilot the Millenium Falcon during one of the great space battles from the Star Wars movies? Or maybe you've longed to be in the CIC of the Glactica barking out orders to your department heads and squadrons in the midst of a Cylon attack. Well, whatever your taste for space combat may be, Dreadnought is looking to satisfy your hunger.

Under creation by Yager, the studio that brought us Spec Ops: The Line, Dreadnought is set to be a free-to-play aerial-armada-action-shooter game. You assume the role of a mercenary spaceship captain that fights for glory and riches in a chaotic galaxy.


                                                                         The ships in Dreadnought will come in varying shapes and sizes. It's said that they will range in size from that of the Millenium Falcon to ships the size of the Battlestar Galactica. Players will aslo have complete control over their ships. From dedicating power to specific subsystems, weapon customization, engines, abilities, and even your crew your ship is yours to command.

The ships you choose will basically be divided into "classes" where each class will have a number of different cruisers to choose from. For example the big destroyer-class ship is similar to Team Fortress' Heavy. What is amazing is that even during the chaos of combat you still feel like you are in control of a massive war ship. The developers have worked hard to make it feel this way and not slip into the normal twitch shooter category.

We all have that dream of sitting in the Captain’s Chair. It’s an awesome feeling to control something so huge and powerful, and that feeling is present in Dreadnought. Our goal is to nurture that feeling at all costs by working with players to fulfill the creation of their dream armada. - Tony Medrano, creative director at Grey Box

Dreadnought is being powered by the new Unreal Engine 4 and will make its debut as an open beta in early 2015. User feedback is crucial to the free-to-play experience so Yager and Grey Box are inviting as many people as possible to try it out. Keep your eyes on their website for more information. If I find out how the beta program works I will give everyone an update so that we can all try this awesome looking shooter.

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Published Jun. 19th 2014
  • topher339
    Awesome trailer. Hopefully this will provide a good command type simulator. Star Trek Online did a nice job with ship commanding but didn't give the feeling of really being in command. Sins of a Solar Empire is a nice fleet simulator but still doesn't give a very in depth command feeling. Hopefully this will bridge the gap.
  • TiquorSJ2
    That video is awesome. I'd like to try this out!
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Well, that escalated quickly. LOL... (watch the vid).

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