Pokémon Go: Reaching the level 40 milestone

With Pokémon trainers beginning to hit level 40, we now know what rewards we obtain once we hit the milestone. Getting some sweet rewards indeed...

We found out fairly recently, that a trainer’s level in Pokémon Go currently caps at level 40, and its no easy ride getting there. The jump from level 39 to 40 will take 5,000,000 XP which amounts to months of full on grinding. Reddit user ‘Problemz’ is one of the first trainers to hit level 40...but with the use of a bot.

The reasoning for the use of a bot was purely how long it would take to hit the cap organically, which somebody probably won’t be doing for a long time. The question on everyone’s mind is, “What happens when you hit 40!?” The answer is simply a large amount of loot, including 40 ultra balls, 40 max potions, four lucky eggs, four lures, four incense and four incubators. Nothing overly special, like some of us were speculating.

We can do some further speculation on this find, such as why would trainers receive lucky eggs for hitting the level cap? This could mean a possible increase in level cap for the future, and unlocking new items and collectables as Pokémon Go expands. Again this is all speculation and not confirmed, but it is a possibility.

Until then keep training Pokémon in the gyms and hatching those eggs! 


Ryan Gulliford, a student well versed in the ways of first person shooters and racing genres, with a little bit of Pokemon knowledge thrown in for good measure. Exploring the world of gaming journalism one step at a time, and owner of his own gaming blog yourgamerguy.com

Published Sep. 29th 2017

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