The Five Dumbest Overwatch Nerfs of All Time

Best known for his signature Chain Hook, Roadhog is a hardy tank with a sizable health reserve. His ability to withstand significant damage and defeat lone, vulnerable heroes with a deadly grab-and-shoot combination (comparable to Reinhardt's Charge) allowed him to enjoy a more fluid, offensive playing style rather than relying on team support for enemy confrontations; however, changes to his damage output (introduced to the public test region on May 31, 2017) dynamically shifted his presence on the battlefield.

Roadhog's primary weapon, Scrap Gun, saw a 30% increase to its firing rate and a boost to the character's ammo clip from four to five. The trade-off: Roadhog's damage output was reduced by 33%, virtually crippling his famous one-shot kill combination. 

According to the patch notes, Blizzard Entertainment explained Roadhog was simply too powerful and sought to balance the character by alternating "fire burst damage potential while still keeping his DPS roughly the same." While the patch may have remodeled Roadhog as a traditional tank, it detracted from the character's threatening nature as a ruthless killer.

Published Jan. 31st 2018

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