The Five Dumbest Overwatch Nerfs of All Time

Ana's versatility as a support class made her a popular choice among Overwatch players, as her damage and healing abilities allowed her to adapt to game-making confrontations with ease. Ana mains enjoyed the character's buff and debuff-inspired kit to move freely without the support of team members, demonstrating the character's capability of being an effective hero.

A PTR patch released in March 2017 upended Ana's performance by heavily altering the impact of her Biotic Rifle and Biotic Grenade -- a change so drastic that Blizzard Entertainment reverted the PTR values by the next day.

The damage output of Ana's Biotic Rifle was effectively reduced from 80 to 60, and the Biotic Grenade's from 60 to 30; however, the character's most sobering nerf affected the Biotic Grenade's healing output, which saw a 50% reduction. 

"Upon testing, feedback, and talking about it... we decided to pull back on the nerfs a bit," wrote Geoff Goodman, a principal designer on the project. Ana's nerfs were restored to live values with the exception of the damage reduction to her Biotic Rifle, which begs the question: why does Egypt's best elite sniper use underperforming weapons? 

While the argument can be made the changes were reasonable, the nerf failed to incentivize players to use Ana as a balanced damage-healing hybrid. 


Published Jan. 31st 2018

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