The Five Dumbest Overwatch Nerfs of All Time

Characterized by a fierce desire to win at all costs, D.Va is a mobile tank with a shotgun arsenal. Her nimbleness and high defensive rating made her a formidable Overwatch opponent, but skilled players nevertheless possessed the means to remove her from the field.

Certainly, D.Va mains have long enjoyed the class' balanced kit of defense and offense, using a combination of armor and Fusion Cannons to harass enemy players during combat; however, Overwatch introduced new changes to D.Va's class with Patch 1.7, released on January 24, 2017, that sought to reduce her defensive performance:

  • Health increased to 400 from 200
  • Armor decreased to 200 from 400
  • Fusion Cannons damage output decreased from 3 to 2
  • Number of bullets per shot has been increased from 8 to 11

What's important to note is the difference between Overwatch's health and armor ratings. Armor blocks 5 HP of damage for every hit that deals 10 HP or more (with hits dealing less than 10 HP halved), making it particularly effective against heroes using rapid fire weapons. When D.Va is considered, reducing her armor rating by 200 decreases her viability as an aggressive tank.

D.Va excels at crash landing in the midst of enemy players and wreaking havoc, much like her tank counterpart Winston; however, D.Va's previous armor rating of 400 enabled her to withstand enemy attacks long enough for the cooldown on the MEKA's Boosters to expire so she could successfully evade combat.

While the nerf may have been well received by some, it failed to appropriately categorize D.Va as a defensive or offensive tank, striking a mediocre balance that borrowed from both paradigms, which ultimately left players wondering how to play her.

Published Jan. 31st 2018

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