The Five Dumbest Overwatch Nerfs of All Time

As Overwatch heroes go, Junkrat is a lit fuse. His feverish obsession to cause chaos and destruction is apparent in his deadly arsenal, as players can utilize traps and explosives to defend strategic positions or make an offensive play. Indeed, his RIP-Tire ultimate, ominously announced with a "Fire in the hole!" bark, is as terrifying as McCree's "It's High Noon." But for all the zaniness Junkrat brings to the Overwatch roster, there's one aspect of the character that doesn't make sense.

Patch, released on March 21, 2017, introduced a nerf that removed the damage Junkrat sustained as a result of using his Frag Launcher in close combat. As continuity goes, Junkrat has a distinct advantage over his explosive counterparts, such as Pharah, who suffers significant damage from her Rocket Launcher when used at close range -- despite wearing a suit of armor that rivals Reinhardt's. 

The nerf may have opened Junkrat to new strategies, but it stressed the disparity in the Overwatch team's approach to balancing heroes. 

Published Jan. 31st 2018

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