Next-Level Neko Atsume: Cute Stuff for Exceptional Kitty Collectors!

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So. Cute.

This is literally the first and only thing that you can possibly say the minute you start up Neko Atsume and find yourself face-to-face with a backyard full of cats. 

Fresh out of Japan, the cat game phenomenon has hit the western app market by storm (it's not hard when the app is free on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store) and the franchise didn't take very long to follow suit.

The Japanese market is known for pushing out as many cute things as it possibly can, and Neko Atsume is no exception. Combine that with the ingenuity of Etsy sellers around the world, and you've got a list of things any kitty collector would be proud of. Check out the following slides for some of our favorites at any budget!

Published Mar. 24th 2016

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