Can't Wait for Darksiders 3? Play These 13 Games Instead!

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Ever since THQ went out of business nearly five years ago, the future of several of their key franchises has been up in the year. While some of their games were promptly bought up and continued as if nothing had happened, such as the WWE franchise, we hadn't heard much from the Darksiders series in that time. 

This was partially because the Darksiders property (amongst others such as the Red Faction and MX vs. ATV) was bought by a small, largely unknown company called Nordic Games. Initially, Nordic was reluctant to confirm what they would do with the franchises going forward, but earlier last week Darksiders 3 was finally confirmed to be in production. 

If you are like some of us here at GameSkinny, you might be excited. And whenever you get that itch, you know you just have to play other similar games to help stave off said itch. So here are 13 games that all have a little something in common with Darksiders -- and games you can play right now. 

Published May. 11th 2017

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