Can't Wait for Darksiders 3? Play These 13 Games Instead!

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The Surge

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

The Surge is another Souls-like. However, while Nioh focuses on faster action in a feudal Japan setting, The Surge maintains the slower pacing of the Souls games with an interesting sci-fi setting.

One of the more interesting hooks in The Surge is that you can target the limbs of your enemies in combat, which allows you to potentially loot parts associated with said limb. This is similar to the Monster Hunter games.


So sure, I said I'd give you 13 games to play, but in reality, I gave probably close to triple that. We have sci-fi and fantasy. Greek mythology and Norse mythology. Gothic and punk undertones. Last gen and current gen (or current gen and next gen for those of you that haven't upgraded yet). 2D and 3D. There's honestly a little bit of something here for everyone.

So there's no reason to not get a little Darksiders 3 action before the game officially drops -- whether it's actually a part of the series or not. 

Published May. 11th 2017

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