What We Want to See in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Deeper Story

Based on the teaser development BotW 2 trailer, it looks like the game's going to have a pretty big focus on story. At least, I hope it does. The first Breath of the Wild emphasized Ganon and the Calamity a lot in promotional materials before launch, when the player found story basically died after meeting Impa.

Now, there's nothing wrong with making the story like something out of Dark Souls or Skyrim, where the player has to search for it or can ignore it and still enjoy the story; but there's just so much material here begging to be utilized.

What's with the elemental dragons? Who are these monks, and what is their relationship to Ganon and Zelda? Why does the Temple of Time exist in this Hyrule? Was there ever a Ganondorf in this Hyrule? What happens to Hyrule after everything's back to normal?

That last one is actually something no Zelda game has ever really tried to tackle, but it has potentially interesting narrative opportunities in Breath of the Wild. It's not just rebuilding a civilization; it's rebuilding a monarchy and its authority as well, while rehabilitating the Shiekah and possibly still dealing with the Yiga clan and other threats to the established authority.

Obviously, the game probably isn't going to deal with all or most of that. The point is just there's a lot of content in the world to work with, even though much of it's optional. BotW 2 has the potential to weave a rich and varied story exploring lore, characters, dramatic happenings, and hopefully the return of everyone's favorite red-haired, evil-eyed, murderous giant.

Published Jun. 13th 2019

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