What We Want to See in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

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Playable Zelda in BotW 2

Everyone's talking about it. We've all wanted it for years, and Breath of the Wild only made it worse. It's time to play as Zelda in Breath of the Wild 2.

Zelda in BotW is a completely different take on the princess we're used to. She gets captured of her own accord, trying to save the kingdom; she might seem helpless, but it's the helplessness born of an identity crisis. Otherwise, she's got more determination, spirit, and ability than we've seen in any previous game.

That alone should be reason enough to let us play as Zelda in the upcoming sequel, since there's so much potential in her character, to say nothing of how it would change up the way players need to approach enemies and puzzles. Magical she may be, but Zelda's emphasis in the series (even in Smash Bros) has always been on speed and distance attacking.

Could it be Aonuma teasing fans or is it just because Zelda's on a journey with Link this time, instead of waiting at the end of the journey?

If it's the latter, that could still open up plenty of new gameplay possibilities, even if Zelda isn't playable as the primary main character herself. Chief among those options is making Link work together with her to solve puzzles, ideally in a way that lets you play co-op or switch control of characters somehow.


Even a masterpiece can be made better, even Breath of the Wild could do with some quality of life and content improvements. From more to do, more ways to interact, and hopefully more characters to play as, the sky seems like the limit for what we can expect from the sequel of the Zelda entry shattered the series' foundations the way it did.

Published Jun. 13th 2019

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