Could You Imagine Minecraft and Star Wars Combined?

If you've ever imagined two fans favorites such as Star Wars and Minecraft in a epic, fun-filled parody film--then that time has come.

Many of us are fans of the Notch/Mojang title Minecraft and even bigger fans of epic films of Star Wars. Have you ever in your wildest dreams imagined what it'd be like to see Star Wars in a Minecraft world--as a film? Well thanks to some seriously dedicated fans known as Paradise Decay, now you can! They have remade the entire 1977 Star Wars "A New Hope" film in the world of Minecraft.

Paradise Decay stated that they are a huge fan of Star Wars and the reasoning behind this project is that their daughter, currently fighting cancer, loves Minecraft. The entire project is a re-creation in full vanilla Minecraft that has taken them 3 years to make, with some individual sets taking up to 6 months to build. No mods were used according to their blog, just custom textures and art. All their video footage is from the actual game itself. The characters featured in their film are mainly parodies of the original characters.

Copyright infringement is not intended and all links to appropriate parties are in the video descriptions. I support George Lucas, Lucas film, Disney and Mojang for making this universe possible.

This is a non-profit project, made for fans of both Star Wars and Minecraft. The final project will be free to view on their website here. There will be no sound with the final version of the Minecraft film. You'll need to own the original version of "A New Hope" in order to sync the soundtrack.

"My one ambition in life, is to meet my idol George Lucas" -- Paradise Decay

They only have 11 more minutes left to complete until they are completely done according to SPLOID, with the film being available sometime early 2015. Be sure to check out the amazing trailer, it's an absolute delight.

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Published Oct. 27th 2017
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    Isn't it? I can't wait to see to final product!! It's amazing what love & passion can inspire.

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