EVE Online $10,000 eSports Tournament: The New Eden Open

The Way of the Exploding Spaceship. EVE Online to host a $10k eSports Tournament.

The dystopian spaceship MMO EVE Online is all about competition, whether it's competing with player-driven market forces or fighting against fleets of enemy pilots. It makes sense then, that this ultra-competitive gaming environment should be celebrated and made into a spectacle for all to enjoy.

Earlier in the year, developer CCP ran its tenth Alliance Tournament, which saw teams of players from EVE Online's most powerful player organisations fight for unique ship prizes and the coveted title of tournament champions. Some very entertaining and competent coverage was provided by studio experts with spectators of the own3D.tv's live stream exceeding 10,000 viewers for the final matches.

Given the success of the Alliance Tournament, CCP have organised the New Eden Open, a knock-out competition allowing groups of players from the wider player demographic the chance to fight to the fiery space death on the big stage.

The preliminary rounds will be held on the weekend of 17-18 November, with the advanced stages taking place over the subsequent two weekends. The matches can be viewed on the own3D.tv stream linked below and will begin at 1800 GMT (Midday CST) on match days.

So if the idea of watching an assortment of spaceships laser blast, artillery shell and missile each other into oblivion is appealing, or you're just curious about EVE Online, it could be worth grabbing some popcorn and the beverage of your choice then tuning in.

Here is an example match from Alliance Tournament X:

own3d.tv Live Stream
New Eden Open Information Website
EVE Online Website

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