Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Kids Who Love Minecraft

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Minecraft has long been a worldwide phenomenon in the video game industry. With its success, came countless amounts of merchandise. Clothes, toys, accessories, collectables. With so much available it can be very difficult to know what to buy your Minecraft loving kids.

Don't worry though. We have put together a buyer's guide to great gifts for kids who love Minecraft. With this guide, you are sure to find something to suit any fan of the game.

Lego Minecraft The Jungle Tree House

Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: $69.99

Buy it: Amazon

Perfect for kids who love both Lego and Minecraft. The Jungle Tree House contains 706 pieces in total. It includes a Steve and Alex figurine, Steve's helmet, Alex's armour leggings, crafting table, bed, fire, bucket, cocoa pods, wheat, cookies, and four buildable flowerpots.

Skeleton, Creeper, Ocelot and Sheep figurines are also included in the pack. When built it stands at 22cm high, 30cm wide and 26cm deep. With so much in one pack, this is sure to give the kids plenty of building fun.

There are multple other sets like this including The End Portal, The Fortress Building Kit, Crafting Box, The Nether Fortress Building Kit, and The Wither.

Minecraft Wall Torch

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: $13.50

Buy it: Amazon

If I am, to be honest, even I would love one of this hanging on my wall. The Minecraft Wall Torch is able to be put on your wall or sit on a table. To mount it on the wall, the corners fold down exposing two keyhole mounting slots. The mounting hardware and the 3 AAA required are not included in the purchase, however. Every kid who loves Minecraft would want this as an awesome night light.

Minecraft Foam Sword

Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: $19.99

Buy it: Toys R Us

With the Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword, kids will be able to embark on their own fun adventures sword in hand. It looks exactly as it does from the game to the point of keeping it's pixelated appearance. The sword is created from EVA foam allowing for a sturdy yet comfortable grip.

There is also a Foam Diamond Pickaxe and a 2 in 1 Gold Sword and Pickaxe available.

Minecraft Creeper Backpack

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: $35.19

Buy It: Amazon

The officially licensed Minecraft Creeper Backpack. With this, kids can bring their love for Minecraft where ever they go. Whether it is going on a family outing, to school or to a sleepover. This backpack will be able to carry all their needed essentials.

Minecraft The Complete Handbook Collection (Updated Edition)

Rating: Not Available

Price: $35.99

Buy it: Toys R Us

The latest edition of the Minecraft Complete Handbook Collection. This is a revised edition with all the latest update to date stats, info and an additional sixteen pages of brand new material. The collection includes all four of the Minecraft handbooks.

The Essential Handbook, Redstone Handbook, Combat Handbook and the Construction Handbook. It covers everything you need to know about the game and how to play it. With this, your kids will be professionals at Minecraft in no time.

Minecraft Enderdragon T-shirt

Rating: Not Available

Price: $21.99

Buy it: Jinx

Anyone who has played Minecraft for any length of time will have battled against the all powerful Enderdragon. What better way to remember the first time you laid eyes on the beast than with this t-shirt depicting its lair. As far as Minecraft t-shirts go, they don't get much more awesome than this.

Minecraft Creeper 7 inch Plush

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: $7.15

Buy it: Amazon

Everybody loves Creepers right? Well, no, anyone who has experienced Minecraft's survival mode long enough, hate the sight of them. As far as Creepers go, though, this fella is quite adorable. For the kids who are Minecraft collectors, this seven-inch high-quality Creeper plush is an absolute treat.

The Creeper is but one of the plush collection. You can also find plushies of the Squid, Baby Ocelot, Wolf, Chicken and more.

Minecraft Crafting Table Playset

Rating: Not Available

Price: $75.99

Buy it: Jinx

With the Minecraft Crafting Table Playset, kids will be able to create all kinds of designs. From Minecraft characters to the tools from the game to anything else they can imagine. The possibilities of creations with this playset are limitless. With 1,100 pieces included in the set, there are hours of fun to be found.

Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: $16.98

Buy it: Amazon

Kids will be able to create their own Minecraft world with this easy to use Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set. The pack includes 1 Creeper, 1 Steve, 1 Pig, 2 Trees, 1 Crafting Table, 20 Grass Blocks, 20 Cobblestone Blocks, 12 Farmland Blocks, 8 Log Blocks, 1 Storage Block, 1 Minecraft Mortar Paper Tape and Stickers.

With this set, your kids will have their room looking like a Minecraft world in no time.

Minecraft Chest Series Gold Mini Figures

Rating: Not available

Price: $34.95

Buy it: Amazon

Do your kids love collecting the Minecraft Mini Figures? If so, they will love these chest series rare gold mini figures. The set includes a gold Alex, Creeper, Zombie and Enderman. With these, the kid's friends will be completely envious.

Minecraft Mini-Figure Collectors Case with 10 Mini-Figures

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: $28.99

Buy it: Amazon

Kids are careless, we all know this. We were once kids ourselves after all. Small items like mini figures are easy to lose. With the Minecraft mini-figure collectors case, the kids can keep their Minecraft mini-figures safe. 

This case holds a total of 32 mini-figures and includes 10 mini-figures with it. The figures included are Steve, Creeper, Enderman, Zombie, Skeleton, Alex, Spider, Wolf, Cow and Ocelot. There is no better way to start collecting them, than with this.

Published Nov. 10th 2016


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