Battlefield 4 PC System Requirements Announced

Battlefield 4 comes out October 29th! Are you ready for more 'Splosions?!?!?

Everyone's favourite war franchise Battlefield is getting another installment soon! Battlefield 4 is just around the corner due out at the end of October and DICE was nice enough to let us know the PC specs in advance! So you've got about a month and a half to upgrade your rig (if you need to) before the launch!

It doesn't look like Battlefield 4 will be coming to Steam but hey, at least they're giving you access to the beta if you pre-order! 

According to an image posted on the official Battlefield Twitter account, Battlefield 4 has a recommended OS of Windows 8.

Fortunately for most PC gamers, if you can run Battlefield 3 at a decent quality you should be able to run its sequel without too many problems. It's interesting to note that they suggest 8 GB of memory is recommended because it there are both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the game. 


Published Sep. 10th 2013

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