For Friends Who Fight: New Fighter Within Trailer

The Fighter Within's new trailer calls for "friends who fight." I don't think they are promoting healthy relationships.

The Fighter Within has recently published a new trailer featuring a very serious voiceover and some cool cinematic moves that keep us begging for more.

The Xbox One Kinect-only game had many intrigued when it was first announced. You use the Kinect to basically flail around in order to  partake in some 2D fights. I'm sure you'll be much more graceful, but I can only imagine the horror goin' down in my living room.

This trailer features over-the-top cinematic combos that you won't actually even perform. According to those who were able to test the game out, during the combos you mostly just stand around and watch your fighter do things that you wouldn't be able to do in a million years. I wouldn't mind, it would definitely give me time to get catch my breath.

The trailer shows some great graphics that are sure to impress once the game is released on Xbox One November 22. Will you be waving your arms around like a crazy person when the Fighter Within is released? I can only imagine how I will look while playing this game; it has got to be better than the way I look when playing Just Dance.


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Published Oct. 25th 2013

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