Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Goof Up

Goofy's gone and goofed it up.

It's that time again, time for every Kingdom Hearts fan to pop their heads out of the woodwork and into the light as any news or rumors surface about Kingdom Hearts 3.

This time around the rumor mill revolves around the voice actor for Goofy, Bill Farmer. A week ago Farmer released a series of tweets stating that the game will come out in 2015.

The actor claimed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will come out in 2015, possibly because he had finished recording his lines for the game (as far as he could tell).

However, Farmer does not actually speak for Square Enix and as much as we would love to believe that the game will release this year, Square Enix USA has addressed the rumor this week.

So, unfortunately for Kingdom Hearts fans, this means that we do not have a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, however we do now know that voice actor lines are being completed, so progress is certainly being made.


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Published Jan. 9th 2015

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