GameSkinny Guide to Success: Guest Posting

One great way to make your blog succeed is to host guest bloggers!

When you're watching a talk show (like Oprah), you'll notice that almost every show is about a guest. Before she got her own channel, Oprah was very well known for having the best of the best, guest wise. Oprah may have run the show, but she rarely ever did so by herself... Unless it was one of those holiday giveaway shows that just gave the audience an insane amount of shiny new toys.

No, I'm not bitter that I was never chosen. Not at all (but seriously, Oprah. If you read this, we need to talk).

That's great, but I'm not Oprah. Why have guests?

No, your blog definitely isn't Oprah. But by using her (and many other talk-show-stars') method it can become Oprah. One of the best ways to draw your own traffic and the traffic of another blogger is to have guest spots.

Find someone you really like in the community, or a blogger you've always admired. Ask them to do a guest post on your site, where they post on your blog about something that interests them, or maybe a story about how they made it as a blogger, or something of that nature. This type of blogging draws attention in the sense that the reader is going to think "Hey! I've never read this blog, but Soandso is on it and I love them!"

It increases your audience. It increases their audience. It is the very definition of a win-win.

What about being a guest blogger myself?

Guest posting on GameSkinny is another great way to draw traffic to your blog. We have a lot of readers, and they love to watch cool videos, read interesting stuff and share the heck out of it. You can use your personal profile here to share your Twitter account, Facebook, even back link to your personal blog. Go on, we're all about it.

Guest blogging on GameSkinny is super easy

  1. Post an article, video, or just something fantastic about a video game or other game you love to play, or a some console you absolutely hated - whatever you're interested in.
  2. Then link back to your blog, Twitter, and Facebook through your profile page so that the readers who found you here can follow you home--like lost little kittens.

We love kittens. (Almost as much as we love sharing awesome stuff with our audience.) 

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Published May. 29th 2013
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    I'd never thought about this, you've definitely given me one amazing idea! Really loving these entries!

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