Top 7 Games Xbox One Owners Should Look out for in 2016

Quantum Break

Yet another third person shooter? Yes, but Quantum Break makes itself stand out with its rather unique game play elements. 

While its not exactly a novel idea, the ability to manipulate time has always been a fun mechanic in gaming, and the way Quantum Break employs the mechanic it looks pretty darn cool when you're manipulating time. 

While this makes us wonder how exactly the multiplayer would work out (if the game does feature it.. pretty sure it will) this is without doubt another must have if you own the Xbox One. 

Let's choose not to talk about the fact that your in-game actions are supposed to determine how the TV adaptation of this goes. It could be something else if done right, but if history *cough* Defiance *cough* is to be believed, games and TV series should stay far away from each other. 

Published Jan. 7th 2016

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