Composer for Civilization IV Christopher Tin is returning for Civilization VI

Composer Christopher Tin, best known for his "Baba Yetu" score from Civilization 4 is returning to compose the Civilization 6 theme.

Composer Christopher Tin, best known for his "Baba Yetu" score from Civilization IV is returning to compose the Civilization VI theme. Soren Johnson, lead designer of Civ. IV, approached Tin, who was once his roommate, to compose a score for the game, and this became "Baba Yetu" which later went on to become the first score from a video game to win a Grammy award in 2011. 

Listening to the track itself, it is a unique vocal piece that captures the mood and experience of the Civilization series well. 

Musical scores in video games vary in degrees of creativity and depth, but "Baba  Yetu" opened the door for various other soundtracks, like the PlayStation game, Journey which was nominated for Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media in 2012. 

Tin's next piece "Sogno di Volare" (The Dream of Flight) will debut for the first time at a musical event taking place at London's Cadogan Hall on Tuesday, July 19th. 

Civilization VI is set to release on PC, October 21st, 2016 and will offer players of the series familiar and new features. 


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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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