Video Game Hacker in Trouble with Square Enix

Square Enix has been bringing gamers some of the best games to date and in turn, faithful gamers go out and buy them. How would Square Enix react if something were to leak out?

Move over, Watch Dogs...

Final Fantasy Type-0, coming soon to the PS4, was a PSP exclusive in Japan, according to Some hacker named Sky took it upon himself to hack the game, translate it, and attempt to release a patch of it online. However, his efforts were not without consequence.

His most recent blog post was extremely vague, but said, in other words, that he was unable to release the patch because of Square Enix. How could he not expect backlash, especially since he'd be costing the company a lot of money and is writing about his cocky efforts on the internet?

If the translated patch was released and tons of gamers got their hands on it, why would they need to pay for the real thing when it came out? Square Enix is a successful video game company; they'll do what it takes to avoid a loss like that.

Sky not only wrote about it on his blog, but take a look at how he described himself on his bio:

"My name is Sky. I'm a 23 years old computer-science student that spends his free time hacking video games (in most cases, to translate them). Currently working on some titles from the “Final Fantasy” saga."

Kudos for self-incrimination, Sky. Now Square Enix can come with an army of lawyers who will have more than enough evidence to keep you from hacking ever again. That's one thing Final Fantasy money can buy!

What's the moral of the story? Don't go messing with Square Enix unless well-prepared to deal with the consequences and if you're going to do something illegal or something that will get you in a world of trouble, don't brag about it on the World Wide Web.


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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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