Microsofts new Xbox One S is on sale now!

Microsoft's upgraded console finally goes on sale today!

Microsoft's new upgrade variant of it's current gen console; the Xbox One goes on sale today. Dubbed the Xbox One S, the new console is not only 40% smaller; it also contains the capability to play Blue-Ray DvD's and videos as well as having an inbuilt power supply, similar to the PS4.

Currently, the Xbox One S comes with a 2TB hard drive, but consoles with smaller hard drive spaces; 500 GB and 1TB respectively will be released later on in the year. Currently the 2TB version will set you back $399/£349.99, whilst upon their release, the smaller hard drive versions will cost significantly less coming in at $299/$249 for the 500GB and $349/£299 for the 1TB.

The Xbox One S doesn't mark the beginning of a new console generation but rather an improvement of an already established device. Much like the release of the Xbox Slim during the Xbox 360's life cycle; the Xbox One S is not only smaller, sleeker and better looking than its big brother, but also marginally more powerful. One key capability of the Xbox One S that hasn't been covered sufficiently is its ability to upscale games from 1080p to 4K. Whilst this will not be as good as native 4K it still presents a welcome addition to those that already own a 4k capable television.


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Published Aug. 2nd 2016

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