Hurtworld Map Guide: locations, resources and base building

Learn how to use map, find the best resources and build your personal base in this guide to Hurtworld.

Hurtworld is a new multiplayer survival sandbox that has a few distinct features that set it apart from other similar games, such as Rust or Minecraft. First of all, it’s a highly-competitive game with up to 50 players trying to survive in the same environment. This adds a certain edge to the gameplay, so you need to be able to quickly find your resources on the map.

Secondly, you have to be prepared to not only withstand other players, but to be able to survive all sorts of natural disasters and hazardous creatures. That being said, you must know how and where to build your base on the map. This guide will give you all the necessary tools and tips on surviving amidst the unpredictable conditions of Hurtworld.

Locations in Hurtworld

Hurtworld locations map

The map of Hurtworld is divided into eight locations and six biomes (see them on the map above). You will begin your game by spawning in the Valley region, and starting from there you can travel in any direction. Each location has good and bad sides to it, so it’s important to know where to go and how well-prepared you need to be in order to survive there.

Valley, your first spawn location, is a place with lots of containers scattered on both sides of the road. If you travel further, you will enter the Fortress area, which looks like a forest. This location is colder than Valley, so you will need warm clothes before entering it.

There are a few ways you can survive in cold biomes:

  • You can make a bonfire with the help of wood.
  • If you travel further it will get colder and the bonfire will not do it, so you need to think about making warm clothes.
  • The colder the biome the more clothes you will need including a hat and a jacket.

When you decide to go to the Airfield through the dunes, remember that this location is very hot. It doesn’t mean that you have to take your clothes off, but you need a different kind – the one that protects from the sun. You can also make a protective cream from the cacti.

One more thing to keep in mind when roaming around the Aircraft Carrier area is radiation. Carefully avoid it or craft a protective costume. However, such a costume requires a lot of rare items that are quite hard to obtain in the game.

If you’re looking for vehicles, then the best location is Transit. There you will find all sorts of cars and quad-bikes in big quantities. Other areas may have a few vehicles here and there, but usually they are quite rare.

The best place for finding necessary resources and items is Boonies. The area is full of crates with various useful things, such as vehicle parts, fuel, crafting items, etc.

Resources in Hurtworld

Hurtworld resource map

The map of Hurtworld is full of natural resources. You can mine for various types of ore and then use the materials to smelt tools, vehicle parts or other crafting items. Thus, it’s very important to know how and where to look for the biggest deposits of the most valuable resources. This map will help you locate all the hot spots in Hurtworld (zoom in for a better view).

Flint, coal and limestone are the most widespread resources in Hurtworld and can be easily obtained with a simple pickaxe around the Valley location.

Iron ore also happens to be almost everywhere and in huge quantities, so you won’t have problems with that. In order to smelt iron you will be required to have a source of fire and fuel. However, you won’t be able to use wood for smelting iron - coal is the most viable option here.

Titranium red ore is mostly spread around desert biome and around the Aircraft Carrier location and in the Dome area. Titranium can be mined with an iron pickaxe and it can only be smelted in the furnace using gasoline as a source of fuel.

Mondinium green ore can be found further to the south around the Airfield location. Mondinium is a poisonous element in Hurtworld, so you will have to use a protective costume. You will also need a Titranium pickaxe to be able to mine it (or simply use dynamite, if you have some) and it can only be smelted in the furnace, as well.

Ultranium blue ore is located in the cold biome in the northern part of the map around Transit and Boonies locations. Ultranium is a radioactive element and requires the same specific approach to mining and smelting as Mondinium.

Base building

You should start building your base as soon as you get acquainted with a few locations and gather an acceptable amount of materials. Having a base is very important; it serves as your spawning location. You can also raid the bases of other players, if that style of gameplay fits you. But do consider building a base of your own as it’s really simple.

You can build your base only on a territory that is marked with vertical blue lines. You can see the markings when you equip a construction hammer. The places for building are usually located in the open flat areas and near the hills. However, it is not recommended to build your base near a hill, as it will make raiding easier for your opponents and they can simply jump off the top of the hill onto your roof.

If you build your base in the open, then be sure to spare materials to construct a tall fence around it. This will prevent the raiders from easily assaulting your base. Also, consider making a roof made of metal instead of wood.

Be sure to establish an ownership stake that will allow you to respawn inside your base in the case you get killed. Make a separate room for this stake and seal it, if the ownership stake gets exposed, the opponent can take the ownership for himself and you lose the base.

Start building your base with the foundation, then set up the walls and finish with the roof. Generally, make a lot of small storage rooms for different types of tools, gear, items, etc. This will simplify the need to search for a specific item instead of piling everything in one big room. Also, make a few holes in the walls to be able to shoot back at the enemies.

Remember, if you decide to build your base in the area with a lot of resources, expect a lot of raids due to the high popularity of the area. If you want a bit of peace, then choose a hard to get area, which is far away from resourceful locations.

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Published Jun. 9th 2020
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