EA Hires Bing Founder as Chief Technology Officer

Electronic Arts hires a new Chief Technology Officer

Yesterday, game developer Electronic Arts announced the newest addition to its team: Ken Moss, hired as Chief Technology Officer. Moss has an impressive list of credentials, including work at Ebay where he "led marketplace technology." He was also "instrumental in creating the Bing search engine" during his 20 years spent with Microsoft. 

According to Electronic Arts, Moss's technical experience will be absolutely essential as the company moves toward advancements in gaming technology. 

"[EA's] digital platform provides the underlying infrastructure to deliver fun, seamless, and curated journeys for our players. And we're moving faster as a company, with technology tools and solutions at the core." 

                                                                                              -CEO Andrew Wilson

Overall, reactions to Moss joining Electronic Arts have been favorable. After Moss posted the news on Twitter, most commenters offered congratulations, but expressed concern that he fix the server problems. Game Informer shared this concern in their recent post about Moss and Electronic Arts. The post states that the main problem with servers happened with Electronic Arts' Battlefield 4

Hiring Moss certainly shows that Electronic Arts is not only aware of the problems the company faces, but also willing to make the necessary changes to fix those problems. 


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Published Jul. 16th 2014

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