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Members of Guild UMBRA have created a Guild Video Cast, which is published monthly. This VodCast details the international reach of the guild as well as the focus on the games they are interested in.

When folks make the committment to create or found a guild it is often for many reasons.  From my experience, it is mostly to play GAME X with friends from an old or dying guild.  Sometimes it is just a small social construct to get friends and gaming acquaintances linked up to have instant groups, or the control of the social climate.  There is no one reason, and there isn't one that is better than another; however, one thing that many guild founders want is to see the guild flourish and gain positive recognition from the gaming community.

Guild UMBRA has been extremely lucky to have success due almost entirely to the great folks that have joined over the years.  

Many élite gamers have come, and many have gone over the years due to interests in Game X or Y.  Umbra has gained so much credibility due to completely unexpected acts of AWESOMENESS in games from members, which can't be measured.  One such act is the rebirth of the Guild UMBRA Cast.

Members of the guild took it upon themselves to create a show, make an international Video Cast and publish it without request, tasking, or influence.  

Members Elloa, Workhorse, and The-Wang took it upon themselves to rebuild the fledgling VideoCast and make it  something amazing.  Compare their amazing work to the sophomoric work of their guild leader:

So what's the point?  Given the time, the direction, and the right atmosphere, great guilds will attract the right people and provide the motivation and support to enable these people to place their marks of influence upon the guild.  A great guild is owned by all of the members.  There is something to be learned in that, and I hope to use this base platform and subject matter to enlighten readers on more positive aspects of guilds and how they can enrich a gamer's experience over the next few months.

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Published Jan. 24th 2014
  • Work Horse
    The toughest part of starting a good guild (or clan) is surrounding yourself with the right people. But once you do, the snowball effect begins. Everything else will fall into place with time, as long as you don't force it.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I actually finally got around to watching the episodes last night to be honest. I was pretty impressed with the flow and post-production work.

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