Cube World - Wollay Appears with Info on Next Update

Cube World isn't dead just yet.

You remember Cube World, right? The voxel-based multplayer RPG that entered paid alpha earlier this year and experienced some extended neglect. Picroma's Wollay has come out from the woodwork with some information on what's to come for his pet project game.

Cube World's next update appears to have a number of changes that will affect all players:

  • Power will be scaled down to 20 from 100, but its use will be scaled down as well.
  • Individual areas will be turned down to 20x20 blocks instead of the current 64x64. This is to make for easier exploration and less travel time between cities.
  • Areas will have power levels so players can wander to those of their level range more easily.
  • Changes to the colors of creatures and dungeons to make the type of items they drop more clear.
  • Dungeon missions will no longer be daily, and bosses will take a couple of days to respawn.

There is more information on the above on the official site.

In this latest news update, Wollay also mentions he is working on underworld caverns, which will have entrances on the surface and be filled with monsters. This is the only actual new content mentioned (as opposed to tweaks) mentioned in the post.

Most of Cube World's fanbase has drifted from the game after it appeared Wollay had given up on the project. It's no surprise with EverQuest Next (and EQN Landmark) on the horizon and the extended period in which the community received no word from Picroma.

Treat your community well and they will treat you in kind; ignore them and they are very likely to do the same to you once they are tired of waiting. It's nice that Wollay is still working on the project, but the upcoming changes to the game may be too little too late for most of Cube World's previous population.

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Published Nov. 16th 2013
  • Texnical
    Only thing is: he didn't just disappear off the face of the planet in any way that he hadn't previously. We've always seen months-long breaks between hearing anything.
    If anyone expected that to suddenly change with the hype, they missed how he operated previously and were expecting sonething that just doesn't happen. The guy needs to hire a community manager or a PR expert.
  • Samuel Franklin
    Featured Contributor
    It was disappointing to see him just drop off the face of the planet in the way he did. The game grew fairly quickly and had he made the most of it we could have been seeing a really large and solid community.

    It worked perfectly with Minecraft, once it gained the initial community boost it seemed like every other day there was an update even if it was small like adding pigs at the start there was constant moving forward.

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