Changes Coming Soon To The Jungle

They're changing your favorite jungle item... Again!

As the new year begins on a grand high, there will be changes. Like with all great and good things such as the different types of jungling items (some have active abilities while others do not such as the "Chilling Smite" which can deal true damage and steal 20% of their movement) will be hit by the nerf gun.

Meddler, Lead Champion Designer of League of Legends, has recently announced the testing of Smite's range. Rather than just reducing the range completely for the champions, they will be conducting tests based on model size. That means that against big targets such as Dragon or Baron, it will have the same effective range it currently does while against champions - there will be a noticable change in range. 

Why are they making these changes? Well, some believe "Chilling Smite" is the same as a free skill shot, allowing more mobile champions to give an advantage in the early stage of game such as succeeding at a level 2 gank.

Meddler continues to explain that this will cause an imbalance between mobile champions and immobile ones. They don't believe the 760 range indicator should be something that is "appropriate for a click to hit CC" (CC is crowd control). 

Balance changes to junglers, whether buffing the weak or nerfing the strong, should be made with that item in a better spot.

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Published Feb. 19th 2015

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