Reminder: You Can Apply for TERA's Console Beta Right Now

For the past 5 years, this popular action-combat MMORPG has only been available on PC. Now that's about to change.

PSA: There's still time to apply for TERA's closed console beta. The free-to-play action-focused MMORPG has only been on one platform for the last 5 years: PC. But last month, En Masse Entertainment announced that the game is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime this year. If you're interested in playing either of the console versions of TERA, the time to register is now. 

How to Register:

  • Go to the closed beta registration page.
  • Choose your platform -- Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Agree to the Private Policy terms.
  • Click "Sign Up Now" to confirm your registration.

Very little is known about how TERA will translate into a console game, although it will launch on Xbox and PlayStation this year. Rumors and speculation about TERA coming to console have been around since 2016. However, despite speculation, En Masse Entertainment has been reluctant to hand over any details about the game's translation so far.

In an initial announcement on March 9, En Masse asked the community to be patient as details unfolded in the coming months. So far, a month and a half later, there's been no more new information. 

However, on April 20, Spacecats, En Masse' community manager commented the following on a forum thread: 

... There aren't any announcements or details surrounding TERA console yet ...

... Remind them that an announcement will be made once more details about TERA console have been determined and we're closer to a launch date.

So, while we wait for more information regarding TERA, make sure to sign up for the game's console beta and watch the announcement trailer below:

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for the latest news about TERA's development on console.

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Published Apr. 22nd 2017

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