Biggest Scandals in Streaming in 2018

Streamer causes too much drama for a drama-based subreddit

When it comes to drama, it's rare for Reddit to ever get tired of it. But earlier this year they did, in fact, the members of the subreddit r/livestreamfail submitted a petition to have a streamer banned because he generated more drama than they actually wanted to deal with.

The consensus among the subreddit's members is that Jones -- who was obsessed with viewer count, reportedly complained about the success of other casters and even publicly rebuked viewers in his chat for not hitting the subscription button. 

Interestingly, Jones' behavior drew the attention of one of the other streamers on this list -- xQc, who stated he needed to focus on the content. Although, not in those exact words.

Jones eventually addressed the drama, speaking to Polygon who wrote a rather lengthy piece on everything that happened. According to Jones things like his comments about subscriptions were taken out of context and were meant as a joke. He even stated he doesn't try to make drama, that it happens naturally.

Published Dec. 20th 2018

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