Biggest Scandals in Streaming in 2018

Streamer "Gross Gore" investigated by Jagex after an incident at Runefest 2018

It's only been a few short months since Jagex's annual love fest for all things RuneScape, Runefest took place. Unfortunately, what may stand out the most about the event for some people involves a public altercation between two attendees --  Ali "Gross Gore" Larson, and a RuneScape content creator who goes by the name of "Skiddler".

Since the altercation happened in person, rather than online where everyone could make clips of it and post it to their YouTube channels, there's a bit of "he said, he said" to the situation. That said, Jagex thought it was serious enough to investigate.

News about the encounter between the two personalities hit the internet almost immediately and Skiddler took to his Twitter account to tell his side of the story -- which involved Gross Gore sexually harassing a friend of his. According to the account,  Skiddler's friend told him what happened, so when he ran into Gore outside he pulled him aside to discuss the issue.

Gore then escalated things by pushing one of Skiddler's friends, and a scuffle broke out that resulted in two of Gross Gore's friends holding Skiddler down and kicking him -- after throwing him into the side of a moving car.

Gross Gore, for his part, responded to the whole thing with a video, where he said he didn't mean to offend the woman, but "she was wearing a really, really, really revealing top." He went on to add that, "if you're going to wear something so revealing, people will comment on it."

As for Jagex's investigation, they simply stated that they "found that the content creators concerned did breach [their] code conduct," and that they wouldn't be working with them or inviting them to events in the future.

Gore was also banned from TwitchCon following the event.

Published Dec. 20th 2018

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