Heir Of Light Character Tier List

From Forest Lucien to useless upgrade fodder like the 1 star Grove Urchin, we rank out the creatures in Heir Of Light so you can always build the best group!

Although the combat takes place in a fast-paced, 3D arena, at its core Heir Of Light follows the basic gacha formula, complete with summoning randomized creatures, evolution, adding runes, and so on.

Of course that means there's a tier list to learn so you can put together the best possible team of warriors -- assuming you get lucky enough to summon the highest ranked creatures!

Heir Of Light Tier List

We won't bother listing the nat 1 star creatures, as in the vast majority of cases these are just fodder for enhancing your stronger characters. Creatures come in different elements as they evolve and awaken, so you may see the same name repeatedly or on different ranking tables.

Keep in mind that creatures can be upgraded via rune enhancements to shore up weaknesses or exaggerate natural strengths, so your mileage may vary and in some cases lower ranked creatures may actually be better than listed.

S Rank

These are the indispensable Heir Of Light creatures that will nearly always beat out all others, regardless of element, level, or rune loadout. You want these creatures in your battles as often as possible.

Character Element Class
 Heylel  Dark Ranged DPS 
 Opehelia  Light  Support 
Lucien [A]   Forest Support
 Carmilla  Water  Tank 
 Xita  Light  Melee DPS 
 Lucien  Fire  Ranged DPS
 Lucien  Light  Healer
 Lucien  Dark  Ranged DPS
 Enoch  Light  Tank 
 Leto  Light Healer
 Leto  Dark Ranged DPS
 Rem  Fire Tank 
 Henri  Dark  Tank 


A Rank

Only slightly less useful than S rank, these creatures have a few flaws that mean they won't always dominate in every situation, but in most cases these will result in very powerful combat groups.

Character Element Class
 Ishmael  Dark  Tank
 Bjorn  Fire  Melee DPS
 Miya  Forest  Healer
 Saighead  Water  Ranged DPS
 Rem  Water  Melee DPS
 Rem  Forest  Tank
 Heylel  Light  Healer
 Leto [A]  Forest  Ranged DPS
 Leto [A]  Fire  Ranged DPS
 Leto [A]  Water   Support
 Lucien [A]  Water   Ranged DPS
 Lucien [A]  Dark  Healer
 Lucien  Water  Support
Lucien  Forest  Ranged DPS
 Carmilla  Dark  Melee DPS
 Carmilla   Light   Melee DPS 
Xita   Fire   Melee DPS
Xita Water  Melee DPS
Xita Forest   Melee DPS
 Xita  Dark   Melee DPS
 Leto Water   Support 
 Koume  Fire  Melee DPS 
  Koume  Water  Melee DPS
 Hopkins  Dark   Ranged DPS 
 Griselda  Forest  Tank
Hern   Forest  Healer
Hern   Light   Support
 Laura  Light  Ranged DPS
 Laura  Fire  Ranged DPS
 Belladonas  Fire  Support
 Enoch  Dark  Melee DPS
Torhino   Water   Healer
Torhino  Forest  Tank
Reynar   Light   Melee DPS 
 Mary  Water  Ranged DPS
 Mary  Light  Healer
Gretel  Light  Melee DPS
 Dunkelhund  Dark  Healer 
Gwyllgi  Dark  Melee DPS


B Rank

These are the basic mid-range creatures that you will be struggling with until you can luck out with the higher rankings. Although not terrible, each one has some flaw that makes them less useful in combat than they could be compared to other creatures.

Character Element Class
Rem  Light  Melee DPS 
Rem  Dark  Tank 
Heylel  Fire   Ranged DPS
Heylel  Water   Support
Heylel  Forest   Healer
 Leto [A] Light  Ranged DPS
 Leto [A] Dark  Ranged DPS
 Lucien [A] Light  Ranged DPS
 Carmilla Forest   Support 
 Leto Fire  Ranged DPS 
 Leto Forest  Support
 Koume Light  Melee DPS
  Koume Dark  Melee DPS 
 Hopkins Fire  Ranged DPS
  Hopkins Water  Ranged DPS
  Hopkins Forest  Ranged DPS
  Hopkins Light  Ranged DPS
 Griselda Fire  Healer
 Griselda Light  Support
 Griselda  Dark   Tank
Hern  Fire   Melee DPS
Hern  Water   Support
 Laura Forest  Ranged DPS 
Laura  Dark  Ranged DPS 
 Belladonas Water Ranged DPS 
 Belladonas Forest Ranged DPS 
 Belladonas Light Ranged DPS 
 Belladonas Dark Ranged DPS 
 Charlotte Fire Melee DPS
  Charlotte Water Melee DPS
  Charlotte Forest Melee DPS
  Charlotte Light Melee DPS
  Charlotte Dark Melee DPS
Usher  Fire  Tank
 Usher Light  Melee DPS 
 Enoch Fire  Melee DPS
 Enoch  Water  Melee DPS 
 Enoch Forest Melee DPS 
 Torhino Fire  Tank 
Henri  Fire  Tank
Henri Water  Tank 
Henri  Forest  Tank 
 Henri    Light Tank
 Marat Water  Support 


C Rank

This is generally the bottom of the barrel, but there is some variation within the creatures at this ranking. Some of these characters can be used strategically to decent effect, while others are straight up garbage. In most cases, you want anyone else besides these characters, however.

Character Element Class
 Carmilla Fire  Melee DPS 
 Koume Forest  Support
 Griselda Water  Tank
 Laura Water  Support 
 Usher Water  Melee DPS
 Usher  Forest  Melee DPS
 Usher  Dark  Melee DPS 
 Torhino Dark  Melee DPS 
 Mary Fire  Healer 
 Gwyllgi Fire Melee DPS
 Marat Fire  Melee DPS
 Monolith Fire  Tank 
Rhamaan  Fire  Tank 
 Otik Fire  Tank 
 Gottorp Fire  Melee DPS 


Grove Urchin Garbage like this exists to recycle for leveling your higher star characters

How would you rank the various Heir Of Light characters, and what did you think of our tier list rankings? Let us know your favorite team to use in battle in the comments below!

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Published Jun. 26th 2018

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