Nintendo's 3DS Family hits the 60 Million Sales Mark

Nintendo has beaten previous landmarks with it's 3DS family handheld system at 60 million units sold.

Hovering around 58.5 million sales, Nintendo's 3DS family was able to hit the 60 million total sale mark in just a few weeks. Nintendo is claiming this achievement as a result of lowering the retail price of the 2DS by $20 USD. Doing so led to an increase of sales for their handheld devices, which put the total amount of sales for the 3DS family (which includes the 3DS, XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL and 2DS) to around 60 million.

With a current suggested price of around $80, the 2DS comes with Mario Kart along with the handheld, which is a $30 deal saver. Last month, 274 million games were sold for the 3DS family. If you are a game developer, you might be interested to know that in comparison with other devices, the Wii U has sold 12 million units, the Nintendo DS 151 million units, and the Wii 101 million units. So, it should be a good idea to stick with making Nintendo DS games for the time being.

This is a milestone for the Nintendo family, since it beats the previous consoles like the Nintendo GameCube at 21.7 million units, SNES at 49.1 million units, and the Nintendo 64 at 32.9 million units.

Published Jun. 13th 2016

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