7 Memes and Viral Videos Born From Past E3s

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Last month was the NFL draft. For my dad and I, it’s this sort of holiday where you see all the new (and hopefully) awesome players your team drafted. It's a hopeful time where every team is in contention for the Super Bowl (Look at how good the Browns drafted this year.)

Well, the video game industry has its own equivalent of the draft (stick with me) and it's happening soon -- E3. Some developers, publishers, and personalities only manage to hurt their stock on the big day, like Laremy Tunsil and his bong, or Final Fantasy XV’s underwhelming titan battle. Some fall by the wayside because of lingering wounds, like Jake Butt or Nintendo the past several years.

Regardless, in the end, we always seem to be filled with just a little more hope. Maybe that player will quit breaking the law or maybe that company will stop lying to us about the quality of their games. Ahem, Gearbox, *coughs* Aliens: Colonial Marines.

After all, the events ultimately look the same: The media wraps everyone up, declares winners and losers, and the Patriots still do the best.

Two years in a row? Nice diversity EA marketing team.

But the internet is hardly so kind to the failing "lame stream" media. When the internet has truly deemed your failure worthy, you will be turned into a meme. And those are just the types of fails we’re talking about today.


Crowd image obtained from Oatsy40 via Flickr. Edited.  

Published May. 23rd 2017

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