Dragon Age: Inquistion's Creative Director on Trespasser DLC and future projects

Mike Laidlaw gives insight on the upcoming DA: I DLC and what lies ahead.

It seems that Mike Laidlaw, the creative director behind Dragon Age: Inquisition, was one of the many developers at PAX 2015 this year. With the release of the Trespasser DLC, which will serve as an epilogue for DA:I, it seems many fans were questioning him about both the DLC and any thoughts on the future.

Laidlaw stated “We’re not sure what’s next. But we’re wholeheartedly focusing on the task at hand. And that’s brining Inquisition to a close.” BioWare and Laidlaw did give more insight into the nature of Trespasser. It seems that Trespasser, which will take place about two years after the original ending of DA:I, will discuss ideas of whether heroes like the Inquisition are even needed as Thedas has enjoyed a peaceful two years. Naturally this DLC is likely going to mark conflict returning and your heroes being called back into battles and backstabbing politics.

Usually BioWare DLC takes place before, during or after the main story, but Trespasser will be a first in the fact that it is so separated from the original story. Laidlaw gave his own two cents on the big question in this upcoming DLC:

It evokes a real human response. The story moves you along. You're constantly asking yourself if you're the actual danger to the people. If the problems you give birth to are just as detrimental as the ones you're fighting. This is the same dilemma a lot of superheroes face.

pic of DLC

This sounds like a huge topic to cover in DLC, a very ambitious gamble that will hopefully pay off. Laidlaw mentioned that Trespasser’s biggest challenge would be balancing new content to hook fans back into the world of Thedas and wrapping up the huge story of DA:I. Still, Laidlaw seems confident that the Qunari threat, a major plot point in Trespasser, will have diverse choices to make and a variety of opinions and politics to overcome. BioWare has even suggested that Trespasser will hint at what’s next for BioWare, the question is will it be inter-franchise related or solely concerning the DA universe?

Laidlaw has not said much about this hint, saying, “I don’t exactly know what’s next. We always have ideas. But right now, with Trespasser, at least we have closure.” It seems somewhat sad that such an excellent game like Dragon Age: Inquisition’s story is coming to a close. Hopefully Trespasser, which releases on September 8th, will give fans one last great adventure in the world of Thedas.

Published Sep. 3rd 2015

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