Bane of The Inquest

She knows no fear, she has no limits, she has no mercy, there is nothing left to tie her down...

When she was 16, the Inquest had not shown any mercy to her family when they tested their new weapons on her village which is now dust.

Her parents, once adventurers had always taught her to be strong, resilient, and persist to be better, as she rise from the ashes of her once home, she endured the pain, stood up, and walked away with a vow, this will not be the last of her.. for now.

Makie the Elementalist is now all grown up, powerful, knowledgeable in the magic of 4 elements, wise, and back for a vengeance right at the heart of the Inquest base! May the Six have mercy on those Inquest souls of the Crucible of Eternity!

Want to get the look?

You'll be needing some Charcoal & White Gold dye and the following items:

  • Furnace Reward Light Helm
  • *Hidden from view*
  • Acolyte Coat
  • Flame Legion Gloves
  • Corrupted Orrian Pants
  • Flame Legion Shoes
  • Deathwish
Published Aug. 2nd 2013
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Great backstory!

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