Let's all be a goddamn nerd, like a goddamn nerd!

What makes you like a goddamn nerd?

Mike Bithell, of Bithell Games the creators of Volume and Thomas Was Alone, has recently been asking what makes you a goddamn nerd. I thought I might as well talk about what makes you a "goddamn nerd." No matter how serious the nerd in you is, like when:

Or just something as simple as:

 What actually makes you a nerd?

The two definitions of nerd break down to polar opposites, one side meaning a socially terrible and boring human, the other meaning someone who is super intelligent and amazing at something. When I see someone say nerd, I think of the latter -- instead of insulting you, they are saying you are amazing. So when Mr Bithell asked what makes you a goddamn nerd, the best responses to me all involved being intelligent and solving issues.

I'm a nerd and proud

If all it takes to be a nerd is being super interested in something, that means everyone is a nerd. If you are interested in shoes, that new line of hoodies that company is making, music, games, coding, even talking about being a nerd you are a nerd of that thing. That means, I'm a car nerd (not mechanically, I'm terrible at that), a film nerd, a games nerd, but above all I am interested in people being interested in things. I love listening to people talk passionately about things they are passionate about.

What are you a goddamn nerd about? Let me know in the comments below.

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Published Apr. 14th 2016

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