Gears Tactics Acts and Chapters: How Many are in the Game?

Here's a quick breakdown of Gears Tactics' acts and chapters, including where boss fights fall in the game's missions list.

Gears Tactics acts and chapters are split up a little differently from other games in the series. Whereas Gears 5 has 15 chapters spread across four acts, and Gears of War 4 has 21 chapters spread across five acts, Gears Tactics shoves all of its missions into three acts. 

All said, Gears Tactics has 22 chapters across three acts. Though missions and acts follow a similar structure to previous games in the franchise, the main story is about twice as long as any other Gears game. 

According to How Long to Beat, Gears Tactics clocks in at about 20 hours. 

Gears Tactics Acts and Chapters

Acts and Chapters Breakdown

  • Act I: 6 chapters
    • (Brumak boss fight)
  • Act II: 8 chapters
    • (Corpser boss fight)
  • Act III: 8 chapters
    • (Hydra boss fight)

Each chapter has a number of side missions to complete, and each chapter culminates in a boss fight. It's worth noting that side missions are necessary for progress in Gears Tactics, and they act more as new objectives than traditional side missions in other games. 


That's it on Gears Tactics acts and chapters. For more on the game, be sure to check out our essential tips guide, as well as our full review of the game


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Published May. 4th 2020

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