China Gamers One Step Closer to Gaming with Xbox Pre-Orders

After Chinese gamers have gone more than a decade without home consoles, the government has allowed pre-orders of the Xbox One

Gamers in China are beginning to take the first steps towards once again enjoying video games in their homes.

Due to strict government regulations on companies entering and competing in the Chinese economy, Microsoft began taking Xbox One orders on Monday through retailers and Tencent.

This pre-order is in anticipation of the government lifting a ban on home video game consoles since 2000. This order, according to Chinese officials, prevented malicious activities and negative effects on mental health.

While consoles have been banned from the country for over a decade, mobile and PC gaming make up the $6.8 billion video game industry in China, the third best performance in the world behind Japan and the United States.

Those platforms are still allowed provided they do not feature graphic images or defame the Chinese government.

The reintroduction of home gaming to China’s electronic entertainment industry could add an estimated $10 billion, according to Bloomberg. will end Xbox One pre-orders on July 28.

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Published Jul. 28th 2014

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