The Chinese Room Publishes Emergency Pamphlets for Your Safety

Everybody may have gone to the Rapture, but The Chinese Room still wants you to protect yourself in emergencies.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture developer The Chinese Room has made emergency pamphlets available to fans visiting the game's website. These materials describe themselves as being "written to give you an overview of the steps you can and should take should an emergency arise." Inside, fans will find advice for surviving in the aftermath of epidemics and chemical and biological warfare.

For a game like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, which features nonlinear storytelling and few traditional mechanics, outside materials like the emergency pamphlets are essential to building hype and flushing out the created world. The emergency pamphlets come from The Chinese Room's Station 52, which has previously provided fans with an astronomy guide and a radio transcript. These materials have a distinct feel that's not unlike the popular Welcome to Nightvale podcast.

The emergency pamphlets post is labeled "Part 1," so we can assume The Chinese Room plans to release more world-building materials as their title's August 11 release date draws nearer.


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Published Jun. 20th 2015

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